Investing in Your Memories



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Digital Files and Products:


Why are digital files so valuable?

Digital files are original, creative pieces of art by the photographer, and it takes time and careful attention to create each piece.  You are getting the rights to print each of these pieces. 

I understand the desire to have your digital files so that you may print out your images anywhere you like.  Therefore, your session includes a limited print release form and several high-resolution digital files for you to download and enjoy.


Quality Products:

You will want to enjoy your images everyday in your home, not left on your hard drive.  I require you to order prints larger than 11 x 14 from me, because I want to ensure you are enjoying them on quality paper and in the form of quality products from a professional print lab.   Trust me, there is a HUGE difference between these labs and your local drugstore or big chain retailer.  I offer several top-quality products such as photo books, canvases and collages on my website.  All of these are from a professional lab.  I can help you choose and order your products. Don't see a specific product you are looking for?  Just ask. I have access to several labs and products.  I am happy to work with you.